The aim of this website is essentially to share with you an assortment of easy to prepare recipes which are tasty and healthy.

In addition we aim at helping you to improve how you are presently eating into healthier eating. This will definitely lead you to a healthy condition, including the maintenance of a normal cholesterol and blood sugar level or even to reach your weight goal. Further, we include tips on how to improve digestion, how to strengthen sexual power, memory power and tips on how to prevent dangerous health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack etc.

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easytastyandhealthy is therefore a website with a distinction. It destroys the general perception that links dieting to very little food. It sets out an entirely new way of living which guides to proper eating for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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Medical benefit of ginger

What are the health benefits of ginger: Health benefits of ginger root: Ginger is hot in the second degree and wet in the first degree. It heats the body, helps the digestion process, softens the stomach mildly, helps open the clogs of the liver that are caused by coldness and wetness and helps against the wetness that causes sight impairment, […]

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Fish with Ginger

Health benefits ginger root

Chinese ginger sauce recipe: with Fish Ginger is regarded as refreshing and aromatic; it strengthens the stomach and is good for treating poor digestion and some similar stomach problems, including sea-sickness. More details below after the recipe. The Servings: No of servings: 4-6 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients 500g fish fillets 2 carrots (cut into julienne) 1 Chayote (cut into […]

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Lamb in Spinach Curry

Lamb in spinach curry recipe

Lamb in Spinach curry: Since it has no cholesterol and helps regulate the blood sugar level, spinach is a healthy choice for your diet. Moreover, spinach is rich in a variety of nutrients which can combat different types of cancers. More details below after the recipe. Lamb in Spinach Curry Recipe: The Servings: No of servings: 4-6 persons The Ingredients […]

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What is olive oil for

what is olive oil for

Top rated Olive Oil: Olive is hot and wet in the first degree. Also, the quality of the oil depends on the tree that produces it. For instance, the best type of olive oil is that squeezed from ripe olives, while oil from unripe olives is cold and dry. Red olives produce oil that is between these while black olives […]

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Tamarind and Fish

tamarind health benefits

Tamarind and Fish Recipe: Tamarind health benefits: In addition to its anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties, research has discovered that the tamarind also has an anti-bacterial effect. These properties are not only exhibited in the inner pulp but also in the stem bark. The Servings: No of servings: 4-6 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients 500g fish fillets cut into pieces Spices […]

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The secret about water

What is water about

What is water about: Water, is the resource of life, the best drink there is, and one of the pillars of existence. Rather it is the most important pillar of life. There is a difference of opinion if water is a source of nutrition for the body, or if it only helps wash down and dissolve the food. Water is […]

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Moroccan Lamb Couscous recipe

moroccan lamb couscous recipe

Moroccan Couscous and Lamb recipe: This is one of the traditional Moroccan couscous recipes. If you are serious about eating healthy to get rid of the extra kilos (especially the belly fat), then couscous is the best substitute for white rice. More health benefits of couscous after the recipe. The Servings: No of servings: 3-4 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients […]

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Barbecue gas vs charcoal

barbecue gas vs charcoal

Charcoal barbecues gas barbecues: Nowadays, you can purchase a Barbie to suit every situation, ranging from very basic models right through to top-of-the-range versions featuring everything that opens and shuts. If you haven’t already bought one, take the time to shop around and match your needs with the features available. Before you shop, you may wish to decide on what […]

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