The aim of this website is essentially to share with you an assortment of easy to prepare recipes which are tasty and healthy.

In addition we aim at helping you to improve how you are presently eating into healthier eating. This will definitely lead you to a healthy condition, including the maintenance of a normal cholesterol and blood sugar level or even to reach your weight goal. Further, we include tips on how to improve digestion, how to strengthen sexual power, memory power and tips on how to prevent dangerous health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack etc.

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easytastyandhealthy is therefore a website with a distinction. It destroys the general perception that links dieting to very little food. It sets out an entirely new way of living which guides to proper eating for enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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The Black Seed Benefits

The Black Seed benefits

The Black Seed Benefits The black seed has many benefits. It is a cure for every type of disease. The black seed helps against all types of cold ailments. Also, the black seed helps introduce the effective ingredients of cold medications to the areas affected by hot and dry ailments, as it helps the body absorb the medicine quickly when […]

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The benefits of Fenugreek

fenugreek health benefit

The Health benefits of Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek is hot in the second degree and dry in the first degree. When the fenugreek is cooked in water, it will soften the throat, chest and the stomach. It also relieves coughing, dryness, asthma, hard breathing and increases the sexual drive. It also relieves flatulence, phlegm, piles and the various accumulations in the […]

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Red Lobster Menu

Red Lobster new menu

Red Lobster New Menu: (in Fenugreek flavored red sauce) Doctors stated, “If the people had knowledge of the benefits of fenugreek, they would buy it with its weight worth of gold.” The woman who suffers from pain in the vagina due to a tumor will benefit if she sits in the water in which the fenugreek was cooked. More health […]

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The benefits of Ginger

What are the health benefits of ginger: Health benefits of ginger root: Ginger is hot in the second degree and wet in the first degree. It heats the body, helps the digestion process, softens the stomach mildly, helps open the clogs of the liver that are caused by coldness and wetness and helps against the wetness that causes sight impairment, […]

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What is bacteria about

what is bacteria about

What is bacteria about: Bacteria are probably more widely distributed than any other type of living organism. They occur under very varied conditions; nearly every environment has its population of bacteria, e.g. some are found even in waters of hot springs where the temperature is above 60 degrees Celsius. They almost certainly occur in greater numbers than do other organisms, […]

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Best Cuts Beef Steak

best beef steak recipes

Best Cut Beef Steak: Did you know that Ginger increases the memory power and strengthens the sexual power? Well in this best beef steak recipe you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of ginger. See below for more health benefits of ginger. Best Beef Steak Recipe The Servings: No of servings: 4-5 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients Thick […]

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Moroccan Lamb Couscous recipe

moroccan lamb couscous recipe

Moroccan Couscous and Lamb recipe: This is one of the traditional Moroccan couscous recipes. If you are serious about eating healthy to get rid of the extra kilos (especially the belly fat), then couscous is the best substitute for white rice. More health benefits of couscous after the recipe. The Servings: No of servings: 3-4 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients […]

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What is food preservation about

What is food preservation about

What about food preservation: Food is spoilt by the saprophytic activities of putrefying bacteria. Sometimes, the food becomes contaminated with highly poisonous bacterial excretions, as in “botulism”. Methods of preserving food attempt to reduce its bacterial content by removing at least one of the conditions essential for the survival of most living organisms. A water supply Oxygen A suitable temperature […]

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What is blood about

what is blood about

Get Healthy Blood Flow: Importance of having a healthy blood: Since blood continually circulates in the body it provides a rapid fluid method of communication between all the various body regions. The cells of mammals are specialized and carry out precise complex functions; these functions can be maintained only if their immediate surroundings are kept within certain narrow limits, i.e. […]

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Grilled Vegetable Salad Recipes

Grilled Vegetable Salad Recipes

Simple vegetable salad recipes: Do you know why capsicum/bell pepper is favored by diabetic patients? Well research endorses it as an efficient insulin producer; consequently leveling the blood-glucose level in the body. Green capsicum in particular have rich hypoglycemic benefits and as such is preferred by diabetic patients. In addition it has anti-cancer properties and helps fighting cardiovascular diseases. See […]

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Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Prevention of cardiovascular disease: Prevention of heart disease, protection against infection and prevention of diseases in general are all related to keeping the blood healthy. So here I will explain how blood plays an important role in the prevention of diseases and the protection against infection. At the end I will give you advises on how to keep your blood healthy. […]

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Honey Good Your Skin

honey face mask benefits

Honey face mask benefits A simple and brilliant prescription based on honey which has always been used for unlimited remedial purposes before its recent introduction into the world of cosmetics. Honey, as research and studies say, contains one fifth of its weight in water. It also contains protein, a compound of vitamins B and C, sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, […]

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Cannellini Bean Salad Recipe

refreshing cannellini bean salad recipe

Refreshing Cannellini Bean Salad: Did you know that cannellini bean has the lowest glycemic index amongst all types of beans? Therefore, the best choice for diabetic patients. In addition it has anti-cancer properties and helps fighting cardiovascular diseases. See below for more health benefits of Cannellini beans. The Servings: No of servings: 6 persons The Ingredients Main Ingredients Cannellini beans […]

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Most Healthy Fish Eat

most healthy fish eat

Best Healthy Fish To Eat: There are many kinds of fish, the best of which is the most delicious, the best scented, moderate in size, which has fine scales, the softest meat, which live in fresh water that flows on pebbles and which eat plants and not organic waste. The best areas for the fish to live are those with […]

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