BBQ and Salads Specials

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BBQ and Salads Specials


  1. Best Grilled Ribs recipe
  2. More to be added shortly (check menu)


  1. Best Homemade Salad Dressings
  2. Easy Beet Salad recipe
  3. Vietnamese Cabbage Chicken Salad
  4. More will be added shortly (check menu)



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  • Sophia

    Mouth watering indeed. So I’ve signed up. I love flame grilled meat, be it beef, chicken, fish or prawn.

  • Nataliee

    Hi, just to let you know that I have already filled up the form. So hope to receive the delicious recipes soon. Thanking you in advance. I’ll share the link to your website to all my social media friends.

  • Darren

    First word that comes to mind – YUM!

    That salad looks so fresh and the chicken looks like it would literally fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.

    I’m bookmarking your site to keep an eye on all the recipes and tips you decide to post over the coming months. It sure makes for a very mouth watering proposition.

    • Chef Vihaan

      Hi Darren,

      Rest assured, you will NOT be disappointed with what are to come in November.

      Thanks for bookmarking and sharing.

  • Stephen

    Hey Chef,

    Great and very attractive, I can see that your salads and BBQs will be so palatable and I’m looking forward to it. I will surely fill out the forms and I tell you I can’t wait to eat this good looking and nutritious food.

    I will surely bookmark this article so that I can come back here again to have a look at what you have new. But in the mean time, I am going to fill out the forms forms and wait for my dish.

    Thank you so much Chef for sharing this very appealing post with me. Well appreciate.

    • Chef Naomi

      Greetings Stephen,

      We are so happy that you appreciate our website and our recipes. Further, thanks for filling out the registration form for the best BBQ and Salads recipes. I bet you will not be disappointed.

      Thanks for bookmarking and sharing.

      No worries we shall keep you updated.

  • jessica

    im always looking for new recipes, especially with chicken, cause i prefer cooking chicken over red meats. my sister is always cooking chicken but not a variety of styles. Salads that include chicken are so yummy. THanks for sharing! I will share this info as well, and im sure it would be appreciated.

    • Chef Ayaan

      Hello Jessica, thanks for dropping by. No worries more recipes will be added soon in all categories; including your favorites. Thanks for sharing and thanks for filling the form. You will not be disappointed with our latest Easy, Tasty and Healthy recipes.

  • Matt's Mom

    I did not see any post for BBQ and salads specials. I see that the post will be coming out in November? Will this have recipes? I love BBQ and I do love good and different salads I can try. So, I am going to fill out the form so I can be notified for this information. Please let me know if it will be recipes. The pictures you have displayed look delicious! I am looking forward to seeing the post.

    • Chef Adrian

      Hi, first of all thanks for your interest in our website.

      Yes recipes will be made available soon. We are currently working on it. There will be Salads as well as BBQs.

      Easy to prepare, Tasty and Healthy. 

      Thank you for filling out the form.

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