Medical benefit of ginger

What are the health benefits of ginger: Health benefits of ginger root: Ginger is hot in the second degree and wet in the first degree. It heats the body, helps the digestion process, softens the stomach mildly, helps open the clogs of the liver that are caused by coldness and wetness and helps against the wetness that causes sight impairment, […]

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The secret about water

What is water about

What is water about: Water, is the resource of life, the best drink there is, and one of the pillars of existence. Rather it is the most important pillar of life. There is a difference of opinion if water is a source of nutrition for the body, or if it only helps wash down and dissolve the food. Water is […]

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Oven baked chicken recipes

Chicken cheese recipes

Oven Baked Chicken Recipes Cheese and butter are the secret healthy ingredients of this authentic recipe. Butter helps with relieving the tumors that appear next to the ears and ureters. Cheese is helpful in cases of ulcers and diarrhea. More health benefits of butter and cheese below after the recipe. Chicken Cheese Recipes The Servings: No of servings: 5-6 persons The Ingredients Main […]

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The Black Seed Benefits

The Black Seed benefits

The Black Seed Benefits The black seed has many benefits. It is a cure for every type of disease. The black seed helps against all types of cold ailments. Also, the black seed helps introduce the effective ingredients of cold medications to the areas affected by hot and dry ailments, as it helps the body absorb the medicine quickly when […]

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Red Lobster Menu

Red Lobster new menu

Red Lobster New Menu: (in Fenugreek flavored red sauce) Doctors stated, “If the people had knowledge of the benefits of fenugreek, they would buy it with its weight worth of gold.” The woman who suffers from pain in the vagina due to a tumor will benefit if she sits in the water in which the fenugreek was cooked. More health […]

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The different types of Meat

what is meat about

What is meat about: There are different types of meat that we will mention, describe briefly and elaborate on their benefit or harm. Sheep Meat (Mutton) Mutton is warm in the second degree and wet in the first degree. The best type of mutton comes from the one-year old animal, which generates good blood if digested properly. This type of […]

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