Chicken Sago Stew

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Chicken Sago Stew:

Sago is healthy as it prevents risk of colon cancer and constipation. Good for diet as it has low calorie and fat content. Safe for diabetic patients as it has low glycemic index. More details below after the recipe.

Chicken Sago Stew

The Servings:

No of servings: 4-6 persons

The Ingredients

Main Ingredients

  1. 500g chicken on bone cut into pieces
  2. 100g baby marrow, peeled and cut into cubes
  3. 125ml uncooked sago
  4. 1 pepper (any colour)
  5. 1 litre of water

Spices & Condiments

  1. Garlic paste (1tsp)
  2. Garam masala (1tsp)
  3. Black pepper (1tsp)
  4. Olive oil (1tsp)
  5. Onion chopped into cubes (qty=1)
  6. Gloves (qty=3)
  7. Turmeric power (1 pinch)
  8. Nutmeg (1 pinch)
  9. Salt to taste


  1. Parsley, finely chopped (1 bunch)
  2. Celery, finely chopped (1 bunch)

The Tasty and Healthy Secret (which makes the difference)

  • Lemon juice (1tsp)

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The Directions (in Easy steps)
  1. Soak the sago in 250 ml of water for 30 minutes
  2. Season the chicken with salt and pepper
  3. Sauté the spices (i.e. garlic paste, garam masala, black pepper, onion, the gloves, turmeric power, and nutmeg) in the olive oil until the onions are soft
  4. Add the chicken and let braise, until brown on the outside
  5. Add 250 ml of water, the marrow and salt
  6. Cover the pan and reduce the heat to low
  7. Allow to cook until the chicken is tender
  8. Remove the lid and add the rest of the water and the sago
  9. Add the chopped pepper, and celery
  10. Stir the mixture, then add the lemon juice
  11. Cover and steam for approximately 10 minutes
  12. Stir the mixture once again and let simmer until a stew with a rich thick gravy is obtained (approximately 5 minutes)
  13. Season with extra salt and black pepper if necessary
  14. Garnish with finely chopped parsley, before removing from fire.


This is best served with homemade lemon chutney

This is a low fat recipe and a very filling one.

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Health Benefits of Sago:

Sago is a starchy grain that has many advantages compared to other commodities such as wheat flour and even rice. It is extracted from the spongy centre of various tropical palm stems.

  1. Sago has high carbohydrate content (84.7g per 100g). This is higher than rice (80g per 100g) and wheat flour (77.3g per 100g).
  2. It also has low calorie and low fat content. Therefore it is good for diet.
  3. It is good to be consumed as a non-allergic food as its protein content is very low and free from casein and gluten.
  4. Further, sago has a low glycemic index. That is, it does not raise blood glucose levels immediately, and as such it is safe to be consumed by diabetic patients.
  5. It can also prevent the risk of constipation and even colon cancer. Thanks to its property “resistant starch”.

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Health benefits Marrow:

  1. Reduces risk of cancer
  2. Reduces risk of osteoporosis
  3. Reduces risk of developing anemia
  4. Helps to maintain healthy heart
  5. Helps to improve bone density
  6. Aids in weight management
  7. Boots energy level of body
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  • Chris


    Great recipe.

    Although this one seems rather different, it does look rather enticing.

    I like to try new recipes and the health benefits for the Chicken Sago Stew seem worth the test.

    Great steps to make this one and I look forward to giving it a try during my next kitchen adventure.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    • Chef Adrian

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for visiting our website. Yes this is a very healthy recipe, so hope to try it soon. I’m sure you will love it. It’s so tasty. 

      Have a nice meal.

  • Daniella

    Hi Adrian,

    Great recipe, I love the fact that it is very healthy and tasty in the same:)
    It looks delicious in the picture. I will cook the chicken sago this weekend, and I tell you how I manage with it:)
    JUst a question, please. Why is the chicken sago so healthy and prevent a risk of colon cancer? Is it the ingredient in the recipes that are so healthy? I saw that there are garlic and turmeric in it.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Chef Adrian

      Hello Daniella,

      Thanks for visiting our website. Yes this recipe is not only healthy but tasty as well; as all of our recipes.

      No the prevention of colon cancer is not because of the ginger but because of the Sago. However, ginger too has great benefits as explained by our Nutritionist (Dr Olivia) in the following blog:

      What are the health benefits of ginger

  • Jessica

    I have never heard of Sago before. I would love to try this but I’m a bit concerned on where to find it.
    Do you think my local grocery store would have it in the grain section (is it fairly common)? Or would I have to try to find a specialty shop?
    I’ve seen marrow for sale in my local butcher but not in the grocery, and I don’t think they distinguished a ‘baby marrow’.
    The stuff I’ve bought in the past was a marrow butter, not something that had to be peeled or cubed. Any idea if a butter would work in this recipe?


    • Chef Adrian

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your interest in trying to make this dish. Well Sago will surely be available in supermarkets in the grain section. As for the baby marrow, it’s optional, you may or may not put it. You may also use the marrow butter or even chayotes.

    • Hi Jessica,

      One of the many side effects of medicine is constipation. Therefore sago can be very helpful.

      It’s also good to know that it is safe for diabetic patients.

  • Thank you for this post I just cooked it for me and my girlfriend and it tastes very good. 🙂 I was looking for a site for a long time that puts up healthy recipes with an explanation why they are healthy! It makes way more fun to cook them. 🙂 Love it

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