Health Benefits Drinking Milk

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Health Benefits Drinking Milk

Health Benefits Raw Milk

Although milk is a simple type of food, it is very natural to the body as it contains three major substances: cheese, fat and water. Cheese is cold and wet and provides good nutrition. The fat contained in the milk is mild regarding warmth and wetness, and it is very beneficial for healthy bodies.

The water part contained in milk is hot and wet, and it softens the stomach and provides the body with beneficial moistures. Milk in general is mild regarding warmth and wetness, although there are other opinions in this regard.

Milk is best when it has just been milked, and its value decreases by the passage of time thereafter. When it is freshly milked, milk is less cold and more humid. Sour milk is the opposite. Also, milk is better forty days after the animal has given birth. The best type of milk is the most white in colour, as it has a good scent, delicious taste, mildly sweet, less fat and light consistency. It is also best when young healthy animals are milked, especially those that have less meat and which graze in healthy grazing lands.

Milk is good and produces red blood, brings wetness to the body and is also a nutritious food. Also, milk helps relieve depression, obsession and black bile ailments. When milk is drunk with honey, it will help cleanse the insides of septic materials. Drinking milk with sugar makes the colour of the skin fairer. Milk helps the body regain its strength after sexual intercourse and is also favorable for the chest, the lungs and for those suffering from tuberculosis.

Side effects of Milk

Further, milk is not favourable for the head, the stomach, the liver and the spleen. Also, drinking milk excessively is harmful for the teeth and the gums, and this is why it is better to rinse the mouth after one drinks it.

Milk is not good for those suffering from fever and headaches and is not favourable for the weakness in the head and the brain. Excessive drinking of milk causes darkness in the sight, sight impairment, gout, kidney clogs and swelling in the stomach and the intestines. These side effects will be neutralized when mixing milk with honey, ginger, and so forth, for those who are not used to drinking it.

Sheep Milk Benefits

Sheep milk is the most watery, and it has more fat and bad odour than goat or cow milk. Sheep milk produces phlegm and causes white spots or stains on the skin if one drinks it on a regular basis. This is why it is better that sheep milk is mixed with water so that its concentration becomes less. Sheep milk quenches the thirst quicker and cools the body faster than other milks.

Goat Milk Benefits

Goat milk is mild and light, works as a mild laxative, is wet for dry bodies and helps cure mouth cankers, dry cough and epistaxis (nosebleeds).

Milk in general is the most beneficial drink for the body due to its nutritional value and closeness to the nature of the body and to the childhood of mankind.

Sour goat milk is not digested quickly and produces unfavourable mixtures. The hot tempered stomach benefits from goat milk, though, and easily digests it.

Cow Milk Benefits

Cow milk provides nutrition for the body and is also a mild laxative. Cow milk is one of the best milks, between sheep milk and goat milk regarding thickness and fat.


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    I know that its good that a human drink a lot of milk but we do not think about the cow children as they are deprive from their mothers milk only for our need ….

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