Health Benefits Eating Onions

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Health Benefits Eating Onions

The onion is hot in the third degree and has an excess wetness, helps against pollution and prevents hot wind (meaning in the stomach). It also excites the sexual drive, strengthens the stomach, helps semen production, makes the colour lighter, dissolves the phlegm and cleanses the stomach.Health Benefits Eating Onions

  • Onion grains help against vitiate (lack of pigment in certain areas of the skin) and are used as an ointment around the area affected by alopecia (a skin disease characterized by loss of hair, partial or total).
  • Further, warts will dissipate effectively when onions are blended with salt (and used as an ointment on the warts).
  • When someone feels nauseous after taking a laxative, smelling onions will help against vomiting.
  • Also, the onion will dissipate the smell of laxatives, and when onion water (extract) is administered through the nose, it will clear the head.
  • Used as ear drops, onion extract also helps against weak hearing, tinnitus, pus and water that accumulates in the ear.
  • Also, onion grains are used as an eyeliner, to dry out the water that attacks the eye, i.e. cataracts, when the grains are blended with honey and used on the white part of the eye.

Health Benefits of Cooked Onions

Cooked onions are nutritious and help against icterus, jaundice, coughing and roughness in the chest.

  • It is also diuretic and relaxes the bowels.
  • It also heals dog bites when its water (extract) is blended with salt and rue and squeezed on the affected area.
  • Finally, it will open the orifices of the hemorrhoids when used as suppository.

Side Effects of Eating Onions

Onions cause migraines, headaches, flatulence and bring darkness to the sight.

  • Eating onions in excessive amounts or regularly causes forgetfulness,
  • affects the mind and
  • changes the odor of the mouth and the taste of food.
  • It also bothers those in your presence.
  • Cooking onions dissipates these side effects of the onion.

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