Health benefits pomegranate fruit

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Pomegranate medical benefits:

Sweet pomegranate is hot and wet, good for the stomach, and strengthens it because of its being a mild constipating agent. It is also good for the throat, chest and lungs, along with relieving benefit pomegranate juice

Health benefit pomegranate juice

The water (or juice) in the pomegranate softens the stomach and is a nutrient for the body. It also digests quickly because it is light and produces heat along with some air in the stomach.

Pomegranate health benefits men

It helps increase the semen production and is not favourable for those who have fever. Pomegranate has a special quality, that is, when one eats bread with it, it prevents it from being spoiled.

Bitter pomegranate is cold and dry and constipates mildly. It is also good for overheated stomach and helps produce more urine than the other types of pomegranate. It also softens bile symptoms, relieves diarrhea, prevents vomiting and is slightly tarry. It also stops the heat in the liver, strengthens the organs, helps against bilious shaking, heartaches and the ache of the tip of the stomach. It also helps the stomach and rids it of excrements and extinguishes the bile and benefits the blood.

pomegranate seeds health benefitsWhen pomegranate’s juice is extracted and is cooked with some honey until it becomes like an ointment and used as eye drops, it will clear the yellow colour from the eye and will dissipate the thick wetness. When it is placed on the gingival (gums), it will help against the rashes that appear on the gingival. Also, pomegranate juice extracted with the rind will work as a laxative and will rid the body from septic bilious moistures, along with helping against short-term fever.

Pomegranate seeds health benefits

As for sour pomegranate, its qualities are in the middle between the two other kinds we mentioned, although this kind leans more towards being sour. Pomegranate seeds that are mixed with honey will alleviate septic finger and malignant ulcers. Pomegranate flowers also help heal wounds. It is said that if one swallows three pomegranate flowers each year, he will be immune from ophthalmia (conjunctivitis) for an entire year.

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  • This is an interesting article. I never knew pomegranate had so many medicinal usages. Especially with the stomach. Will try this fruit. Thanks.

    • Hello Latricia,
      Happy to hear from you again. We are happy that you visit our site regularly. Thank you also for dropping down a few words.
      Yes indeed my dear Latricia Pomegranate is really a healthy fruit. The juice is healthy, the seeds are healthy as well. The sweet one, the bitter one and the sour one are all healthy and blessings from the Almighty.
      I wish you and your family good health.
      Olivia (eat healthy always)

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