Most Healthy Fish Eat

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Best Healthy Fish To Eat:

There are many kinds of fish, the best of which is the most delicious, the best scented, moderate in size, which has fine scales, the softest meat, which live in fresh water that flows on pebbles and which eat plants and not organic waste.

The best areas for the fish to live are those with the freshest water that runs through rocks, then the areas that have sandy ground void of filth or wastes and which are mildly calm and exposed to the sun and wind.

Sea fish are also soft and delicious.

The meat of sea fish that has soft skin is cold and wet, difficult to digest and produces excessive amounts of phlegm, but also produce acceptable temperament, increase semen production and fertility and suit hot conditions.

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The best kind of salted fish is the most recently salted.

Salted fish is hot and dry, and the older they get the hotter and drier they become. Silurid (similar to catfish) is very viscous. Yet, soft Silurid meat softens the stomach, and when it is salted, kept and then eaten, it will clear the windpipe and make the voice finer. When it is ground and used as an external ointment, it will extract the wastes that accumulate inside the body, as if has the quality of extracting such substances.

Sitting in the salty water of silurid relieves the effects of newly formed ulcers and extracts the harmful substances to the surface. Salty water of silurid also relieves sciatic nerve aliment when one is injected with it.

The best part of fish meat is closer to the tail, and the soft and fatty fish meat produces fatness and flesh.

Fish with Ginger

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