The benefits of Fenugreek

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The Health benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek is hot in the second degree and dry in the first degree.

When the fenugreek is cooked in water, it will soften the throat, chest and the stomach. It also relieves coughing, dryness, asthma, hard breathing and increases the sexual drive. It also relieves flatulence, phlegm, piles and the various accumulations in the intestines. It also dissolves the phlegm from the chest and helps against gastric ulcer and lung diseases.

Fenugreek is used to heal the intestines, mixed with some ghee and fanith.

fenugreek health benefit

When five measures of fenugreek is taken in a drink, it will increase the flow of menstruation, and when it is cooked and the hair is washed with it, it will make it curly and will combat dandruff.

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When the flour of the fenugreek is blended with some vinegar and natron and used as a bandage on the tumor of the spleen, it will dissolve it. Also, the woman who suffers from pain in the vagina due to a tumor will benefit if she sits in the water in which the fenugreek was cooked.

When it is used as a bandage and placed on hard, cold tumors, it will help dissolve these tumors. Also, when its water is drunk, it will help against the pain in the stomach that results from accumulating gaseous materials and will cleanse the intestines.

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When one eats the fenugreek cooked in honey, dates or figs on an empty stomach, it will dissolve the phlegm that accumulates in the chest and stomach, it will also help against coughing that accompanies such ailments.

Fenugreek also relieves urine retention and works as a laxative. When it is placed on the erratic nail, it will heal it, while its oil helps against cracked skin due to extreme cold, when it is mixed with wax. There are many other benefits for the fenugreek.

Some doctors stated, “If the people had knowledge of its benefits, they would buy it with its weight worth of gold.”

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  • Chloe

    I think I need to buy some before people become aware of its benefits. The more people come to know about it, the more the price will increase; I guess.

    Thank you Dr Olivia.

  • stella

    Hey doctor,
    I will like to know where i can get Fenugreek. Where is the origin ? Africa? I did not know what it was at first but after a closer look at it, i felt like i have seen it before, just don’t remember where. Thank you for sharing it’s benefits, hope to see it around here.

    • Dr Olivia (Nutritionist)

      Greetings Stella,

      The origin of Fenugreek is Eastern Mediterranean. Another name of it is “Methi”. Here it is available in the supermarkets and in grocery stores. Hope you get it soon and make good use of it.  I guess you’ve read what doctors say about it. Yes it’s GOLD.

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