The different types of Meat

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What is meat about:

There are different types of meat that we will mention, describe briefly and elaborate on their benefit or harm.what is meat about

Sheep Meat (Mutton)

Mutton is warm in the second degree and wet in the first degree. The best type of mutton comes from the one-year old animal, which generates good blood if digested properly. This type of meat is suitable for those who have hot or cold temperaments and for those who practice sports activity in cold areas and cold weather. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from black bile, and it also strengthens the mind and the memory. However, the meat of old, thin animals is not good, as is the ewe’s meat.

The best type of mutton is the dark meat of the male animal, for it is lighter, tastier and more beneficial. The meat of castrated sheep is even better and more beneficial. The red meat of fat sheep is lighter and more nutritious, while the chest of the goat is less nutritious and floats in the stomach.

The best parts of mutton meat are the meat that covers the bones, the right side, which is lighter and tastier than the left side, and the front parts rather than the back parts. The front part is lighter and tastier.

The meat on the neck is also tasty and easy to digest. The meat that covers the arm is lightest meat, the tastiest, the healthiest and the easiest to digest. Furthermore, the meat on the back of the sheep is nutritious and produces sanitary blood.

Goat Meat

It is cold and dry, and the mixtures that goat meat produces are harmful. Goat meat is not digested easily and is not significant nutrition-wise. A skilled doctor once said “Avoid goat meat because it causes depression, causes black bile, forgetfulness, and spoils the blood”. It also drives children wild. Some doctors say that the goat meat that is not preferred is the meat of old goats, especially for old people. They also say that goat meat is not bad for whoever is used to eating it.

When the doctors state that goat meat is not beneficial, they specifically mean those who have weak stomachs and those who are not used to eating it, such as the people who live in luxury in cities and who are used to the better types of foods. But this is not the majority.

The meat of your – but not very young – goats is milder, especially when the goat is still nursing. This type of goat meat is digested faster, because it still possesses the strength of its mother’s milk. The meat of young goats is also milder for most people and lighter than camel meat. Also, young goat’s meat produces moderate blood.

Cow Meat

Cow meat is cold and dry, heavy on the stomach and produces black, bilious blood that is only suitable for hard workers. Eating cow meat excessively for those who are not used to it causes such black bilious illnesses as vitiligo (a skin condition characterized by patchy loss of pigment), manage, herpes, leprosy, elephantiasis, cancer, obsession, quartran fever and various tumors. The harm that this meat causes will be neutralized when one eats it with spices, garlic, ginger and cinnamon. The meat of male cows is colder than female cows’ meat, which is less dry.

The meat of fat calves is one of the best, mildest and tastiest types of food. It is warm and wet, and if fully digested, it provides good nutrition.

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Camel Meat

Young camel meat is one of the tastiest and most nutritious types of foods, and those who are used to eating it find it as light and beneficial as sheep meat. Some doctors did not like eating camel meat for residents of the cities because they are not used to it. Camel meat is hot and dry, difficult to digest and begets black bile.

Gazelle Meat

Gazelle is a small slender antelope that typically has curved horns and a yellowish-brown coat with white underparts, found in open country in Africa and Asia. Gazelle meat is the best among the meats of wild game. It is hot and dry and beneficial for the healthy body, especially the fawn’s meat.

Antelope Meat

Antelope meat is hot and dry in the first degree, dehydrates the body and is beneficial for the humid bodied.

Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat is mildly hot and dry, and the best part of it is the hip. The best way to eat rabbit meat is by roasting it. Rabbit meat constipates, produces urine, as a diuretic, and dissolves stones. Eating the rabbit’s head benefits against convulsive shaking.

Zebra Meat

Zebra meat is hot and dry, nutritious and produces think, bilious blood. Its fat is beneficial when mixed with Qust oil to treat toothache and flatulence that weakens the kidneys. Further, when its grease is applied on spots, it will heal them.

In general, all types of wild-game meat produce thick, bilious blood. In addition, the best type of wild-game meat is gazelle then rabbit meat.

Dried (Jerked) Meat

Dried meat is better that old meat and strengthens the body, although it causes skin rashes sometimes, a side effect that could be neutralized with cold, humid spices. Also, jerked meat is favourable for hot conditions. Old meat is hot and dry, favourable for hot conditions and the best type of this meat is that which is fat and wet. Finally, old meat constipates unless cooked in milk and grease.

Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is hot and dry in the first degree and it is easy on the stomach and digests quickly. Chicken meat strengthens the mind and increases the production of semen. It also makes the voice softer, the mind stronger and produces healthy blood. It was said that eating chicken meat on a regular basis causes gout, but this is not confirmed by fact.

The cock’s meat on the other hand, is hotter and less wet. The meat of old cocks helps against constipation, asthma and thick flatulence when cooked with safflower, and canella. The castrated cock’s meat is nutritious and easy to digest. Pullet meat is easy to digest and mild on the stomach and produces mild blood.

Francolin Meat

Francolin meat is hot and dry in the second degree, soft and light, easy to digest and produces mild blood. Eating this type of meat also strengthens the sight.

Goose Meat

Goose meat is hot and dry and is not healthy if eaten on a regular basis, and it does not produce extensive excrement.

Duck Meat

Duck meat is hot and wet, and it is not suitable for the stomach, difficult to digest and produces excessive excrements

Bustard Meat

Bustard meat is hot and dry, heavy on the stomach but good for those who perform sports activities and for hard workers.

Crane Meat

This type of meat is dry and light. It produces bilious blood, and it is good for hard workers. It is better to eat the crane’s meat one or two days after is it slaughtered.

Bird and Lark Meat

Bird meat is hot and dry, constipates and stimulates semen production. Bird meat soup constipates and helps the joints. If one eats bird’s brain with ginger and onion, it excites the sexual desire. The mixtures that bird’s produce is not favourable.

Pigeon Meat

Pigeon meat is hot and wet, although the meat of wild pigeons is less wet. The meat of pigeon chicks is more humid, especially the chicks of domesticated pigeons. Young pigeons are less meaty but a better food. The meat of male pigeons is a good cure for numbness, narcosis, apoplexy and convulsive shaking or trembles. Pigeon chick meat is favourable for the sexual drive and the kidneys and produces more blood.

Sand Grouse Meat

This type of meat is dry and causes black bile and constipation. It is not a good food, except that it helps cure dropsy.

Quail Meat

Quail meat is hot and dry and helps the joints. It harms the hot kidney unless it is taken with vinegar and coriander. Eating the meat of the quails that live in filthy areas should be avoided.

Fowls meat are all more easily digested than cattle meat. The parts of the birds that are the most easily digested are the necks and the wings. Also, the brains of the fowls are a better food than cattle brains.

Locust Meat

Locust meat is hot and dry and not very nutritious. Also, eating locust meat regularly makes the body thin, emaciated. The smoke of burnt locust helps in cases of dysuria (impaired ability to pass urine), especially for women, and is favourable for hemorrhoids. Eating fat wingless locust roasted is a good cure for scorpion stings. Also, locust meat is not favourable for those suffering from epilepsy and produces septic mixtures in the stomach.


It is not good for the health to eat meat on a regular basis because it causes bloody sanguineous illnesses and various types of allergies.  Hippocrates, the Greek physician who was traditionally regarded as the father of medicine, once said, “Do not turn your stomachs to a graveyard for animals”

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