What about healthy eating habits

Introduction: What about healthy eating habits

It is a universal fact that eating wisely and properly is essential for the enjoyment of sound health.

It was my dream to help overweight and obese people, as both overweight and obesity have led to physical and emotional problems among members of society worldwide.

I have also catered for those who want to face the challenges of losing weight. I firmly believe that the best way to reduce weight is to cut down on fats, sugar and salt.

This is not only a dieting website, it is meant to change your lifestyle. It propounds a whole new way of living, it is a guide to eating correctly for the acquisition of a better health.

Before beginning the diet, get a physician’s advice. Use the preparation techniques, the specific dieting tips, and create your own exercise programme. Also check the nutritional content of the food you eat, as you consult the nutrition composition tables.

In order to make your dieting programme a success, you need to have the key to better eating and to focus on HOW

  1. Get on a programme designed to ensure good health for the rest of your life.
  2. Be sure that each of your meals contains all the 6 nutrients in correct amounts.
  3. Eat on time
  4. Drink plenty of water (approx. 1.5 L daily). There is no better beverage than fresh water.
  5. Remember that fruits are the key to controlling blood sugar level.
  6. Eat an apple and drink water before going out to avoid being hungry.
  7. Sit down to eat
  8. Take time to chew your food. Eat slowly.
  9. Prepare your meal ahead in your mind.
  10. Exercise regularly and do not be too hard on yourself if you have cheated on your diet.
  11. Do not stick only to your favourite fruits, variety is important.
  12. Avoid using sugar, use sweeteners.
  13. Use low fat salt.
  14. Do not skip meals
  15. Increase dietary fibre intake.

Important notice: These recipes and dieting techniques have not been tried or tested on people with chronic diseases (e.g Diabetes, Liver disease, Renal failure) or any diseases related to nutrition.

Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers as well as children under 12 should seek the advice of a physician before starting on any diet.