What about healthy food

What about healthy food

Food is the concern of everybody and nobody can go without it. But without a well balanced diet, it is difficult to work, study and shoulder any other responsibility. In this third millennium, people are more than ever conscious of their look. We all like to have beautiful skin, abundant hair and bright eyes. None of the cosmetics available on the market will improve our physical appearance without a well balanced diet.

Nowadays, a high percentage of the world population is suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease besides other aliments due to bad eating habits. Fast food should not, therefore, become a daily routine and should be discouraged. Home food with a good planning is not only economical but advantageous to health. With a correct proportion of ingredients, not necessarily expensive and difficult to prepare, a dish with nutritive value can be obtained.

This website will provide a good guidance to those who wish to plan a balanced diet, containing protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, minerals, water and other requirements. This website will also help to prepare dietetic menus to enable the users to prepare home, clean and hygienic food. The recipes reflect the different styles of dietetic dishes. It is not necessary to stick rigidly to them. After a first trial, modification can be brought according to taste. Any spice can be increased, lessened or an alternative incorporated.


Doctor note:

I know a country, one of the most strikingly beautiful place on earth, is inhabited by people of different origins, ethnic groups and cultural background. The country having in recent years, made tremendous economic progress, new life-styles have appeared, with changes in the eating habits of the population.

Some disturbing figures related to the health of the people have become a headache to the medical profession as a whole: 20% of the adult population suffers from diabetes, 35% from hypertension, 30% is obese while 55% has a high level of cholesterol, thus leading to a very high incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists unanimously believe that the greatest challenge facing human beings today is the maintenance of a higher degree of physiological performance throughout their life cycle so that they stay more independent and more mobile, better able to take care of themselves and hence lead a healthier life. In one of its issue, the Archives of Internal Medicine propounds that diet and nutrition are the most important factors to be considered in facing up to that challenge.

In this context, the mouth-watering collection of some of the most celebrated recipes on this website can be seen as a blessing in disguise for the epicures and the connoisseurs, since eating healthy food can also mean eating delicious food. A real feast of authentic and healthy recipes, the website also contains some simple medical tips. Our widely know chefs, have indeed perfected the art of healthy cooking, setting the trend for “a new generation of cooking delights”

This website will be much appreciated by all cautious about their health, especially patients and their families.


Dietician note:

Progress in medical science only confirms how good health is a priceless possession. We tend to take it for granted until the day it is taken away from us.

Fortunately, health professionals, researchers, the media, selfless and creative people such a chef Ibrahim, are all here to remind us that good health is a long-term investment which needs commitment, motivation and effort. Well-chosen food and well balanced meals over a period of time, can certainly contribute to that investment, hence to our general wellbeing.

Bearing this in mind, you should look upon this website, not merely as another recipe website, but as part of that lifetime commitment towards better health. The aim of this website is primarily to give you a variety of low-fat, quick, tasty and even spicy recipes and also to teach you how to eat healthily as you go through the 3 different eating plans which are given. These recipes have been tried, tested and revised by me so as to give you and your family the best taste as well as the maximum amount of goodness and optimum nutrition. I wish to stress that this recipe website is not only targeted to those who are overweight – but it is meant for everyone, as we all need a constant effort and guide to be able to change to good eating habits.

However, the eating plans (3 phases) are destined for those needing support and help to lose weight.

I hope that as you go through this website, you will be motivated to open your health account and to make the first deposit into that “long-term savings account” for a healthy future.

Enjoy yourself.



A key to good health and steady energy level in a balanced diet and eating regular meals over the day… and it’s healthier too

Through this website you can find key information about dietary meals at a glance so that you can spend less time reading and more time creating in the kitchen. It also helps you to understand the underlying principles first and then focus on applying them.

In today’s world of stress and rush everyone is overworking their mind and body to look into the wellness of the family. We are all in fact working so hard that we are collecting wealth by losing our health and later in life the savings are used to get back our health.

All this shows that the many or most of our diseases come from the mode rate appetite that we cannot restrain as the body knows no wisdom as to should or should not, it would eat and drink itself to death if it had its way, given its own instinctive intelligence. It is the mind that controls the body and emotions and must effect this restraint for its own preservation, health and wellness of being to just avoid being sick.

According to certain expert, not eat too much is the greatest thing we can do for our health if we want a long life, and a balanced and happy mind. There is nothing apart from smoking and drugs that hurts the body more that excessive eating which has to be defined in both the amount and the quality of food.

If we are regularly eating rich processed foods, we are inviting disease. By eating frugally we do not squander our wealth to overindulge ourselves to satiate excessive appetites.

If we do follow proper eating of quality food, fresh food, simple home cooked food, the way our chefs puts it in this website, we will avoid excessive eating, we will be able to better feed everyone on the planet, and will avoid extreme inequalities of excessive diet and inadequate diet, hence will end up having global moderation or simply food for all.

A lot of family wealth is wasted in the average family food that could go towards many other things the family needs. If we are healthier we do save on doctor’s bills, which will make us all happy and healthy for our inner qualities to shine through our physical body. Eating good, healthy food is meant to nourish the body with vitamins, minerals to keep it functioning.

Thank you Chefs for your hard work in offering such a website to the world.