What about Staying Healthy

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What about staying healthy

Best Ways Stay Healthy

Preserving one’s good health requires the help of wetness that resists heat. the wetness resists heat while the heat helps mature various substances and rids the body of its wastes. Otherwise, without wetness, the excessive heat would harm the body and would not allow its organs to function normally, while excessive dryness allows the heat to burn the body and make it dry. Each one of the two conditions, wetness and heat, thus needs the other to sustain and allow the body to function. Further, since the heat feeds on wetness, it preserves the moisture from rotting and decomposing. When one of these two conditions is more dominant that the other, the constitution of the body will be altered and changed.

As I have stated, heat decomposes wetness, compelling the body to seek to replace the lost moisture with food and drink, which also provides the body with sustenance. When moisture is present in excessive amounts, the heat is not able to decompose the excess wetness and thus the moisture decomposes and rots, causing harm to the body. In this case, various ailments attack the body, as much as the body and the various organs are susceptible to accept these ailments.

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We are directed to consume what helps the body of food and drink and to replace lost energy. The amount [of food and drink] that should be consumed should not exceed what the body has lost plus what the body needs to function properly. Otherwise, the excess food will be an extravagance that brings about ailments and will not preserve the health, and such is the case when one eats excessively or does not consume sufficient amounts.

There is no doubt that the body is always going through the process of decomposing and producing waste. The more the decomposition occurs, the less the heat will be effective, since decomposition feeds on moistures (which in turn feeds the inner heat). When the heat is weak, the digestion efficiency decreases until the moisture dissipates. Thus, the heat will be extinguished and consequently, the term (life span) that we are allowed in this life will come to an end.

The goal behind the person seeking a cure for himself and for others is to preserve the body until everyone reaches their final destination (death), not because preserving the necessary moistures and heat will keep the youth and health forever, for this goal is not attainable in this life.

The goal that the doctor seeks to achieve entails preserving the existent wetness from what might spoil it and to preserve body-heat from what might weaken its power. The doctor thus preserves the balance between the two powers or conditions in the body.

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Preserving good health depends on eating and drinking sensibly and on utilizing one’s clothes, place of residence, the air, sleep, being awake, mobility, idleness, sex, extracting the excess material of the body and keeping whatever is necessary and important in the best form and shape. When these aspects are satisfied in the manner that is suitable for the body, the area, age and custom, the person is more likely to have a good health and well being until it is his time to die.

Good health is one of the best bounties that the Almighty bestows on mankind and also one of His best rewards. In fact, good health is the best earthly bounty of all, and those who have been bestowed with sound comprehension should strive to preserve their health and protect it against what might oppose or alter it.


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