What is olive oil for

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Olive is hot and wet in the first degree. Also, the quality of the oil depends on the tree that produces it. For instance, the best type of olive oil is that squeezed from ripe olives, while oil from unripe olives is cold and dry. Red olives produce oil that is between these while black olives produce hot and wet oil.what is olive oil for

Olive oil helps against poisons, works as a laxative and rids the body of worms.

Old olive oil leans more towards being hot and decomposing. When the oil is blended with water, it becomes less hot and milder and thus more beneficial.

All kinds of olive oil soften the skin and slow the aging process. The salty water blended with olive oil helps burned skin against blistering. It also strengthens the gingiva (gums), while olive leaves help against erysipelas (skin infections), sores, septic ulcers and urticaria (hives). There are many other benefits for olive oil.

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